Business Advisory Services

Business advisory provides business enterprises the role of a catalyst to undertake a more incisive understanding of their businesses and an analysis of a wide range of business operations, processes, use of technologies as well as the ability to evolve and use fast, integrated and customized solutions for effective decision making, grasping and anticipating emerging trends, leading to result-oriented performance.

Significant changes in business, operations, processes and activities cannot usually be achieved with conspicuous success unless management efforts are supplemented by the right level of professional skill, expertise and experience. Likewise, enterprises facing the same kind of problems and challenges may not be able to resolve with off the-shelf prescriptions unless issue identification and remedial solutions emerge from a rigorous professional approach sensitive to each client’s market and competitive situation by working in concert with client, which ultimately determines how well the client would be able to create economic value through creative solutions.

The goal of value addition thus entails hard-hitting strategic financial planning and management, proper positioning of individual product lines and services, analysis of operations and working practices, review of organizational structure, determination of operational performance and efficiency benchmarks, key performance indicators (KPI) benefit optimization through use of proper technology solutions, well contemplated management of supply of goods and services, realistic control and management of cost through innovative procurement by responsible inventory management and effective distribution logistics, growing market share, seriously targeted marketing activities, meaningful knowledge of customer base, timely competitor analysis, sharply-focused pricing structure, service oriented customer relationship, fully motivated management and work force, properly structured organization, strategic marketing plans, regular customer surveys and a host of such goals of business integration and excellence.

In Pakistan considering the local requirements we are offering services in following areas:

Business Advisory Services.

Clients intending to set up a new business or expanding an existing one need sound and realistic feasibility studies to assess the viability of the project. Generally, a comprehensive feasibility study comprises a technical feasibility, market feasibility, economic feasibility and a financial feasibility, the depth of the study depends on the scope determined by a client. 

Managing business performance in today’s rapidly changing and complex business environment is crucial for an organization’s short term and long-term success in Pakistan. Budgeting, planning and forecasting is a three-step process for determining an organizational financial goal for the short term and long term.   A sound financial plan is the vehicle that clearly states the strategic business objectives in financial terms. 

Identifying the correct product market is the key to any business success. Periphery of research lays market information that is required for sustaining these combinations. Perception of customer, market penetration and segmentation, issues in the distribution chain, position of one’s product or service with respect to competitors are variables that are dynamic and impact marketers within short periods.

Buying or selling a whole business or its segment is the wish of many business owners. It can be one of the biggest business transactions for the business owner. Therefore, getting the correct details is vital before doing the transaction is vital.   Business sales, acquisitions and mergers should be very carefully planned to ensure the right strategic, commercial and cultural fit of the business. 

Joint Venture (JV) is an arrangement of formation of a new entity by two or more partners who join hands for a common objective.   There can be certain advantages available for a foreign investor in setting up of operations through a Joint Venture in Pakistan which are as follows: Already established business contacts of Pakistani partners that help ease the process of setting up operations. 

In an increasingly global business environment, the valuation issues surrounding financial reporting, merger and acquisitions, family estate, tax planning and tax disputes have become more complex than ever.   Our team of professional staff with vast knowledge and experience are well positioned to guide our clients in these matters. Our team brings clarity and credibility to complex valuation issues. 

Business Process Review is very important to truly improve the efficiency of staff and effectiveness of your organization. Our team of experts is available to conduct an organization-wide review of internal procedures and redesign processes to take your business to next level.   BPR is an approach to redesign the way work is done to better support organization’s mission and with a substantial bottom line impact.

Cash will remain king of the business and cash management is not only required for companies in cash shortage but it is needed for all business entities. Cash management matches the timing of inflow and outflow so that there is no shortage and excess funds are invested to meet the future needs. We handhold the client in improving their fund flows. We not only design a plan but we constantly monitor its implementation and ensure the deviations are kept at minimal and the position

Business community has realized the significance of conducting an independent assessment of the business proposals (be it a new venture or expansion plans). Validating the project assumptions is of paramount importance as the entire financial model is built on these assumptions. We conduct rational analysis covering crucial aspects of the project and arrive at the overall return from the project.

Finance is the life blood of any organization and paucity of finance leads to decrease in shelving of future plans of any organization or decrease in activities and may even lead to failure of business.   We offer our professional services for arranging finance to meet various business needs. Our range of services cover private equity funding, debt funding, project financing through financial institutions etc. Detail of our services is provided below:

Avoid risks; conduct a physical verification of assets today.   A physical verification of assets is a process conducted by auditors to make sure that the assets of a company actually exist. It is of immense importance for every company to carry out this process at the end of every financial year. Our approach to verification is to conduct a line-by-line reconciliation of fixed assets accounting records to assets found during the physical inventory taking process. 

Clear and precise information enables a person to deliver solid results in the courtroom. The thorough analysis, credible testimony and insightful reporting, our experts will help you advance your case with confidence. We know the markets you’re in and have bench strength to deliver you advice and litigation support on a wide range of issues, helping to resolve any uncertainty or dispute, from pleadings to final judgment.

Many organizations require high level financial analysis and advice on a regular basis, but have no need for a full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO). This is where MHSS’s CFO services can assist.   Organizations with limited resources are often challenged to develop achievable strategic plans and ensure they the right financial management in place.   Strategic advice at a fraction of the cost: 

Supply chain management is the streamlining of supply-side business activities to gain competitive advantage and to maximize customer value in the marketplace. It characterizes an effort to implement supply chains that are economical and efficient as possible. It covers everything from product development, production, to the information systems needed to direct these undertakings.

Enterprise Resource Management System is a process by which business entities integrates the important parts of its business. An ERP management information system integrates areas such as planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, etc. Think of ERP as the glue that binds the different computer systems for a large organization. Typically, each department would have their own system optimized for that division’s particular tasks. 

Operations management is a multi-disciplinary field that focuses on managing all aspects of an organization’s operations. A typical company carries out various functions as a part of its operation. The dividing of a company’s activities into functional categories occurs very early on, even in a company formed and operated by a single individual. Most companies make a product of some kind or produce a salable service. 

Corporate Restructuring provides innovative, practical solutions to clients involved in distress. Our goal is to give effective and expedient responses, which allow our clients to minimize costs, enhance value and properly position themselves for the future. We have experience across a variety of industries and with all types of restructurings, wide-ranging practice capabilities and dedication to client service, allows us to address clients’ needs in any restructuring situation. 

Profits and value are generated within the operations of an organization, not in the accounting department. Operational Performance Reviews focus on identifying LEAN processes that facilitate greater efficiency: on-time, on-budget deliveries and high-quality outputs. Processes can be streamlined to eliminate waste at every stage of operations, leading to shortened timelines, cost reductions, increased productivity and value. Operational Evolution Plans create the road map to action …

He is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan with over 25 years of professional experience as a trusted adviser and proven leader assisting Companies, Partnership Concerns, Sole Establishment Businesses and other business entities with Audit, Assurance, Taxation Compliance & Advisory Services, Accounting & Book Keeping Services, Management Consultancies, Feasibility Studies, Corporate Compliances, Computerized Implementation & Training of Accounting Software, HR Consultancies, Internal Control Policies & Procedures and Strategic Planning.

He graduated as Bachelor of Commerce from University of Punjab in 1994. He worked in the capacity of Senior Manager Taxation in Ford Rhodes Sidat Hyder & Company, Chartered Accountants, a member firm of Ernst & Young International, one of the big accountancy firms in the world. He is also Life time member of Lahore Tax Bar Association. He also worked as member of the Executive committee of the Lahore Tax Bar Association during the year 2007-2008. He also remained a member of Continuing Professional Development [CPD] Committee, Northern Region, of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. From October 2009 till date, he is working as a Partner with Malik Haroon Shahid Safder and Co., Chartered Accountants.

He has a vast experience of Corporate Taxation Matters including tax compliance, corporate tax planning, counseling, benefit optimization, annual and periodical tax returns, withholding tax management, managing post-return correspondence, preparation and filing of appeals and representation before tax authorities and Income Tax Appellate Tribunal. He also deals the Tax cases of regular multinational clients of countries especially United States of America, United Kingdom, Turkey, Norway, Japan, Mauritius, Italy, Holland, United Arab Emirates, Germany etc. and also conduct Exit and Entrance interviews of the assignees of various multinationals Giants such as Microsoft, Nortel Network etc. in order to help and advice such Assignees regarding tax issues arising from their relocation from Pakistan.

He holds a massive experience of Personal Taxation including tax planning and compliance services for individuals, trusts and partnerships in respect of income and wealth taxation, tax planning for executive compensation package and fringe benefits, employee retirement benefit schemes for tax optimization, Managing post-return correspondence and representation before/during audit, assessment and appellate authorities, tax-efficient personal planning and investment opportunities. He also has a huge experience of Individual taxation services especially from the sectors of Banking, Retired Army Officers, Government Officials, Pensioners, and Salaried Staff of various Pakistani and Multinational Companies and tax planning and post return presentation of cases of expatriate staff of multinational companies.

He has an enormous experience of Sales Tax and other related Laws including post return presentation before Sales Tax department, handling of Sales Tax Refund cases, preparation and filing of reply to show cause notices of auditors and adjudicating authorities, preparation and filing of appeals and presentation before Collector of Sales Tax (Appeals) and Customs, Excise and Sales Tax Appellate Tribunal, preparation of tax advices on the Sales Tax issues, tax counseling to clients on the preparation of Sales Tax record and tax returns and handling matters relating to Capital Value tax, Provincial Professional Tax, Corporate Asset Tax, etc. Furthermore, being a part of Sales Tax Task force established by the Central Board of Revenue, he was assigned to submit final report on the specified area to the team of task force members. He, therefore, analyzed, interviewed, drawn flow charts of different sub systems of the Sales Tax department and finally submitted this information along with recommendation with regard to changes in law and procedures to the team of Sales Tax members.

He holds enormous experience to prepare opinions on different aspects of corporate laws and foreign currency exchange control regulations and representing before corporate and regulatory agencies including Corporate Law Authority, Registrar of Companies, Registrar of Firms and Registrar of Trusts. He also deals with Secretarial and Corporate Compliance Services under Companies Ordinance and also advising on preparation of documentation for partnerships and preparation of minutes of the meeting.

As an engagement partner, he possesses ample experience of conducting various assignments of statutory external audits, Internal audits, Income tax audits, sales tax audits, management audits and forensic audits specially relating to Textile processing units, Textile spinning and weaving units, Construction companies, Engineering, Manufacturing and Domestic Appliances, NGO’s and Associations, and Trading companies etc.

He is a Writer of different books published by the Professional Business Publications [PBP], a world-renowned name of business publications of professional examinations and was solely responsible to annually updating the books to give effect the changes introduced by the Annual Budget, SROs, Circulars etc. issued from time to time.

He remained a visiting faculty member of Lahore School of Accountancy, Lahore since 2002 (A college affiliated with University of Lahore and approved training institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan.

He has also Participated as Tax Expert member on different episodes of “Tax Aur Awam” at Koh-e- Noor TV on taxation issues.